Our mission is to create value, build and offer the market competitive and durable logistics solutions, especially directed to the continental operation maritime flows in all national ports, between the production and Iberian consumer matrix of mass rotation.
ALB aims to strengthen the national leadership as a logistics operator multimodal basis and reach a reference dimension in the Iberian Peninsula.



The global economy requires liability, efficiency and low budget in the supplying chains. Optimizing resources and installed capacities, resorting to the inter and multimodality, earning efficiency throughout all the chain and incorporating value in it – this is the way to ensure more competitiveness and better sustainability.



THE CLIENT COMES FIRST – All we do must have the finality to contribute to Client’s satisfaction.


BELIEVING IN PEOPLE – In a stimulating and participative environment, we believe in the capacity, loyalty and dedication of all.


COMUNICATION – We all must be able to talk and to listen, for what is crucial the existence of a honest communication.


ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT – We value initiative, the assuming of responsibilities, the knowing of how to motivate and delegate. Good and bad results come always from a team.



With Clients

Innovation, Quality and well perceived Services according to the expectations.


With Collaborators

Stimuli to creativity, individual initiative, recognition of value and merit.


With the surrounding environment

Active partner, inserted in the communities where it is present.


Focused on efficiency, ALB is constituted by an optimized structure, in a way that ensures high levels of loosening, proximity with the Client and high level of engagement.


Weighing Sector - 20%
Administration / Direction - 40%
Administrative and Financial Sector - 50%
Road and Garage Sector - 770%
Depot and Intermodal Sector - 600%
  • Equipment and Customer Management
  • Depot Movement Services (in/out)Management
  • Inspection, Maintenance, UTI’s Reparing and Cleaning
  • Equipment Operators
  • Intermodal

O SGI da ALB dá cumprimento aos requisitos das Normas ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 e ISO 45001:2018 no âmbito: Logística, movimentação, manutenção e parqueamento de contentores. Gestão de transporte rodoviário e ferroviário de contentores.

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